Friday, September 23, 2011

A few new layouts...

It's been a while, right? Last post I was still pregnant, and now my beautiful boy (C.) is TWO! Crazy how the years fly by! Please forgive any typos as while I type this, Mr. C. himself is trying to climb onto my head. I'm not kidding. His feet are on my neck and he's walking... makes it hard to type! If you came here in search of a freebie, I apologize. In my absence I did not keep up on my 4-shared account. And if you don't log into it in x days, it deletes. And since I'm so impeccably organized... I don't have copies of the past stuff. So I deleted their posts. At some point, when there is nobody sitting (yes, now SITTING) on my head I shall find the energy and gumption to post more freebies. But for now, all I've got is some great kits to point you toward, and my newest layouts of the most adorable monkey. See C.? :)

I am on the CT for two great designers at Scrapable: Lacey Bittner and Miss Mis (names are linked with their stores for your shopping convenience :) ).

And here are their newest designs and my latest layouts. Follow My Lead, by Miss Mis, is a sibling kit. Since C. doesn't have a sibling (yet) I decided to use a pic of him with his favorite cousin, whom he calls "Banny" for my layout:

C. is in to all things dinosaur now. We were playing outside when he began to crawl around and roar. He told me "Mama! Mama! Down! Play Dinosaur!" It was very cute. So when Lacey Bittner's kit On the Run came out, and I didn't have any running pictures because I'm still fat, uncoordinated, and not the least bit athletic... I used a "playing dinosaur" picture. Love the colors in this kit... I think it makes it very versatile!